The Firm

A Focused Approach

ELC Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm. We are an Efficient, Low-Cost wealth management firm with some of the lowest fees in the business.  Our role as fiduciary ensures that we always put the interests of our clients first and our fee-only investment management model keeps us free from conflicts.

Our only source of revenue is a low investment management fee that is paid directly by our clients. The business of ELC Advisors is professional portfolio management.

How We Work With You


Our Investment Process

We begin with an extensive discussion of your future needs to create a long-term financial strategy for you and your family.  We create a cost effective asset allocation model best suited to your goals.  We regularly review your progress to ensure you are on the path to meeting your objectives.


Our Service Commitment

ELC Advisors is committed to client service. This includes open communication, operational transparency and prompt replies to questions and inquiries.  And above all else, putting clients’ interests first.


ELC Advisors Low Management Fee

ELC Advisors management fee is 0.40% per year up to $4mm.  The fee is 0.25% on assets above $4mm.  The fee is 0.10% on assets about $20mm.  This management fee is the only source of advisory revenue for our firm. There are no start-up fees, no annual administration fees, and no hidden costs. And, unlike many advisors, ELC Advisors does not participate in any mutual fund fee sharing arrangements, brokerage firm commission splitting programs, or pay-to-play client referral programs.


Source: Financial Planning Association, Research 2011

The Low Fee Advantage

A typical financial advisor collect fees of 1% per year on average for their clients. That’s much too high given the technological advances in investment management industry over the past 20 years. High advisor fees persist because the public doesn’t know that a low cost advisor service exists. ELC Advisors has an investment management fee that is a fraction of the national average. This fee covers all services and expert advice. A substantial fee savings keeps more money in your pocket and compounds into greater wealth.


1. Assumes 5% annual return; for illustrative purposes only

Active Vs Passive Debate


Active Vs Passive Results

Odds are in favor of passive management; few active funds beat the market

% of actively managed funds that underperform index funds over past five year period


Source: SPIVA US mid-year2016 S&P. Dow Jones Indices LLC, CRSP. Data as of June 30, 2016. Outperformance is based upon equal-weighted fund counts. All index returns used are total returns. Table is provided for illustrative purposes. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

What The Experts Have to Say



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